Public Sector solutions

Government data processing provides insights that allow the improvement of the society. Connected citizens expect digital services increasingly safe and efficient. We have the solutions to help you overcome your challenges.


Ensure services and infrastructure availability

Keep IT operations running at maximum performance to ensure digital services and internal systems are always on.


Detect fraud with AI

Rapidly analyze vast amounts of digital fiscal documents to combat fraud and tax evasion with an intuitive tool that doesn’t require programming knowledge.


Protect sensitive data and systems

Count on advanced threat detection technologies to protect organization and citizen data against the most advanced cyber threats.


Improve public safety with AI

Keep communities safe by proactively combating and preventing crime with the help of advanced Machine and Deep Learning models.


Make your Data Science project a reality

Count on expert help to plan, develop and deploy innovation projects using the power of Data Science and AI.

More benefits

Streaming insights

Deliver actionable insights from streaming data within seconds, rather than hours or days, with Zerum’s real-time, augmented analytics engine.

Embedded intelligence

Powered by ZML – Zerum Machine Learning®, algorithms embedded in our solutions detect business trends, discover hidden patterns, transforming and accelerating your entire data analytics & AI workflow.

Accelerated Time-To-Value

Non-intrusive Zerum solutions are easy to set up, easy to configure, and easy to use. Zerum offers customized services, training, and support to accelerate time to results.

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