What is ZML?

ZML – Zerum Machine Learning® is an advanced AI development process designed to accelerate your digital journey, powered by the latest innovations in machine learning and deep learning and backed by Zerum’s experience, expertise and specialized services.


ZML includes self-learning models that evolve rapidly and continuously to identify previously unidentified opportunities and threats.


Our models can be quickly customized to meet the specific goals of your organization and ensure your AI project delivers real impact.


ZML algorithms are optimized to ingest, enrich and analyze data in real-time, delivering insights at speed for enhanced decision making.

Built by Data Scientists to solve real world problems

Zerum has been developing and perfecting Artificial Intelligence algorithms for years. Meet some of the ZML technologies embedded in our products:

User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Leveraging the power of Deep Learning, Lynx understands the behavior of every endpoint in your network, triggering alarms when a user or machine becomes a risk for your organization.

Reputation analysis

Embedded Lynx algorithms can identify machines with varied malicious behaviors, detecting Advanced Persistent Threats and Insider Threats with unprecedented efficiency.

IT anomaly detection

Able to create dynamic baselines and predictions based on streaming data, our algorithm applies learning over any system metric, creating automatic contexts for alarms.

Auto classification

Our algorithms are capable of reading and classifying thousands of Police Reports simultaneously, with high accuracy and without the need of human intervention.

Crime prediction

Using historical crime data, Zerum Sentinel’s embedded intelligence is able to point places with greater chances of new criminal incidents with 150m2 precision.

Fraud detection

By analyzing digital invoice unstructured data, the ZML technology is able to classify texts and identify fiscal fraud and anomalies without supervision.

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