Zerum Valk

IT visibility, unlimited.

IT Operation Analytics & Monitoring

Make the leap from reactive IT to predictive IT. Zerum Valk™ leverages the power of Wire Data Analytics and artificial intelligence to analyze and predict problems before they impact customers and revenue.

Fast-track installation to insights with a sophisticated monitoring and analytics tool that empowers you to optimize infrastructure, solve problems, and reduce costs—faster.

Zerum Valk™ Features

Proactive operations evaluation

Get unprecedented visibility over network, aplications and services, measuring performance in real-time and quickly and easily identifying failure.

Automatic endpoint discovery

Easily identify and investigate new devices, clients, servers and IOT on your network in a non-intrusive way. Understand user and machine traffic.

Embedded artificial intelligence with ZML

Use Machine Learning to identify patterns and anomalies in your IT infrastructure. Do it in an easy and customizable way, based on thousands of protocol metadata and payloads, processed in real-time.

Flexible data analytics

Build custom visualizations and dashboards with augmented analytics features. Run instant text search and understand everything that happens in your network in an intuitive way.

Fast and uncomplicated

Plug & Play installation, non-intrusive operation and immediate results. You never seen a tool so powerful and so simple to deploy and use.

More benefits

Streaming insights

Zerum Valk ™ gives you an in-depth, real-time view of your entire digital environment, providing the operational intelligence and visibility business executives and IT managers need to respond swiftly to new opportunities and threats.

Embedded intelligence

Tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, embedded ZML – Zerum Machine Learning® algorithms proactively identify potential risks across your entire IT environment, providing AIOps capabilities.

Faster Time-To-Value

Simple to deploy, easy to configure, easy to use, Zerum Valk™ allows you to get up and running in hours rather than days. You can also count on customized services, training and support to accelerate time to insights and results.

Have unparalleled visibility over your operation.

Understand and solve IT problems faster than ever.