Zerum Data Science On-Demand

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Data Science & AI services

Zerum Data Science On-Demand services offer the skills and expertise you need to design, build, and deploy artificial intelligence at scale for enhanced decision making and competitive differentiation.

Leveraging long experience with artificial intelligence solutions, Zerum consultants help identify use cases and build, customize, and operationalize advanced machine learning models tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Reduce development costs

Potentialize your team with experts who understand your business and are available on a project basis to design, build, and deploy customized machine learning models and other AI solutions.

Launch faster

Simple to deploy, easy to configure, easy to use, solutions designed and built by Zerum experts use best-in-class technologies and best practices for integration, deployment, and operationalization to get you up and running faster.

Leverage expertise

Take advantage of the expertise and experience gained in developing ZML – Zerum Machine Learning® along with a full portfolio of high-performance Zerum solutions deployed in customer sites across the globe.

Constantly evolving models

Ensure fast and consistent success for your Data Science & IA project from planning to operationalization with the ZML – Zerum Machine Learning® framework.

We are ready to build and deploy specific models to your business, with guaranteed perfect functioning, performance and accuracy, and to help you at each step of the journey, from business needs assessment to model improving based on KPIs.

More benefits

Streaming insights

Our Data Science On-Demand services provide real-time intelligence to your business with algorithms that ingest, filter, enrich, aggregate and correlate complex data streams.

Embedded intelligence

Developing custom models for your business, our experts integrate intelligence throughout your entire analytics workflow, transforming the way you harnesses the power of data.

Accelerated time-to-value

With agile development and continuous improvement, our experts work with your technical and business teams to understand your challenges and ensure your project delivers results quickly – and stay productive.

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