Managed IT monitoring and analytics services

With the Zerum Performance Assurance service you skip IT problem-solving complexity, finger-pointing and time wasting and get directly to the solutions with expert guidance.

Using Plug & Play, non-intrusive Wire Data Analytics tech, our dedicated engineering team monitor your entire infrastructure, deliver optimization insights and provide swift, decisive crisis resolution help that’ll ensure your IT operation is always at peak performance.

Faster than ever troubleshooting

Get precise root-cause indication and detailed guidance that will help you coordinate your teams and solve IT problems fast, provided by experienced application, network and database engineers.

Total infrastructure coverage

Have your entire infrastructure or critical sioes monitored and analyzed in real-time by our team, from servers to databases to IOT devices, without having to go through any complex and time-consuming configurations.

Ongoing expert support

Get regular performance reports with optimization insights that will help you put your business ahead of competition in the digital landscape, provided by always accessible, local speaking support and service engineers. Who uses Zerum services is never alone!

More benefits

Streaming insights

Zerum Wire Data Analytics engine collect your network traffic data, including business metrics, in real-time, enabling our engineering team to identify and investigate infrastructure performance issues and provide you insights on the fly.

Embedded intelligence

Powerful embedded algorithms allow us to read into the data streams of thousands upon thousands of devices to detect anomalies, predict failure and help you act before any issues impact your business.

Accelerated time-to-value

Based on our Plug & Play, non-intrusive technologies, our service is ready to go and ready to generate results in a couple of hours, without interrupting your operation, without ever generating network and server overhead.

Want to accelerate failure diagnostics and troubleshooting in your IT operation?

We’re here to help you.