Defense industry solutions

Since digital transformation and cyberwar went all-out, understanding vectors, actors and malicious activities became key to keep your nation safe. Conventional solutions are not enough anymore. We have the advanced technology and services you need to accomplish your mission.


Detect rogue and state-sponsored cyber attacks

Be alerted about and neutralize Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) with the help of AI algorithms and Threat Intelligence enrichment.


Have total visibility over security events

Sustain discrete, real-time vigilance over strategic networks, investigate incidents faster with Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) and Security Analytics.


Ensure always-on defense systems

Keep the high performance and availability of your defense systems’ IT infrastructure, including IOT, with real-time analytics and AIOps.


Turn Big Data into an ally

Simplify multi-source data storage and analytics with a fully integrated Data Lake, featuring built-in and ready to operate Apache Hadoop.


Boost your strategic intelligence

Count on expert help to develop Data Science & AI projects that will ensure you’re always a step ahead, like predictive analytics, simulations and many others.

More benefits

Streaming insights

Deliver actionable insights from streaming data within seconds, rather than hours or days, with Zerum’s real-time, augmented analytics engine.

Embedded intelligence

Powered by ZML – Zerum Machine Learning®, algorithms embedded in our solutions detect business trends, discover hidden patterns, transforming and accelerating your entire data analytics & AI workflow.

Accelerated Time-To-Value

Non-intrusive Zerum solutions are easy to set up, easy to configure, and easy to use. Zerum offers customized services, training, and support to accelerate time to results.

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