Zerum Titan

Let intelligence flow

Big Data Solution

Zerum Titan™ accelerates time-to-insights from structured and unstructured data within a high-performance, massively scalable Data Lake based on Apache Hadoop, consolidating your analytics and AI ecosystem.

Have a services-led, fully integrated, Big Data platform that simplifies deployment, integration, and operation, streamlining data management for smarter decision making.

Zerum Titan™ Features

Customized deployment

Build a Data Lake according to your demand, in an easy and efficient way. Zerum provides solutions fully customized to your specific case, with total support and warranty.

Ready to use Apache Hadoop

With pre-configured Apache Hadoop, Zerum Titan eliminates the complexity, time, and lack of results that most companies face when trying to deploy an analytical solution designed to leverage Big Data.

High-performance infrastructure

Scalable, high-performance storage and compute appliances with built-in fault tolerance gives you an always-on, seamless data-to-insights experience.

For all types of data

Flexible data lake technology allows you to store and analyze all your structured and unstructured file types including audio files, digitized documents, photos, spreadsheets, and videos.

End-to-end integration

Who uses Zerum is never alone! Rely on our professional services to create new algorithms and functionalities designed specially for you use cases.

More benefits

Streaming insights

Based on Apache Hadoop, Zerum Titan™ allows you to enrich streaming data and deliver actionable insights based on trend analyses within seconds, rather than hours or days.

Embedded intelligence

Tailored to your needs and designed, built, and deployed by data scientists, Zerum Titan™ combines Big Data and embedded ZML – Zerum Machine Learning® technology to give you the data-driven insights you need to compete successfully in a digital world.

Accelerated Time-To-Value

Prebuilt and configured, Zerum Titan™ is installed as an end-to-end, integrated Apache Hadoop solution. Just choose what you want to do and how fast you want to do it. Zerum experts will customize your Titan solution to deliver the scalability, availability, and performance you need to deliver insights at speed.

Get faster time-to-insight with a high-performance, customized Data Lake.

Consolidate your analytics & AI ecossystem.