Managed detection and response services

With the Zerum Threat Hunting service, you have ready-to-action Cybersecurity expertise and technology to protect your business from today’s most advanced cyber threats, without having to worry about technology complexity and time to deploy.

Ready for action Threat Hunters

Conte com uma equipe experiente e altamente qualificada, treinada para caçar ameaças cibernéticas de forma proativa e fornecer orientações, evidências e resposta a incidentes.

Intelligent detection technology

Recursos poderosos e integrados de NTA, Security Analytics e IA permitem aos nossos especialistas detectarem até mesmo as ameaças mais avançadas. Tudo em uma solução plug & play, que pode ser implementada em minutos.

Full control and confidentiality

From network monitoring details to incident notification and response, you are in control of the entire service execution and can rely on total confidentiality to safeguard your operation.

Quick, assertive results

Powerful, Plug & Play Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) and Artificial Intelligence-based tools enable our specialists to provide swift, decisive detection and response against any offenders acting on your network, including insider threats, APTs and previously unknown attacks.

More benefits

Streaming insights

Our Threat Hunting service rely on high-performance Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), real-time Security Analytics and world-class embedded Threat Intelligence, all integrated and optimized to detect hidden threats across your operation.

Embedded intelligence

Built-in User & Entities Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and dozens of threat detection algorithms based on ZML – Zerum Machine Learning® empower our designated cybersecurity team to find infiltrated threats at a scale, speed and accuracy that no other MDR service provider can offer.

Accelerated time-to-value

Equipped with Plug & Play detection technology and following rigorous world-class threat hunting methods, Zerum seasoned specialists work non-stop to ensure you know what’s wrong and how to stop it as soon as a cyber threat is found, helping you mitigate incidentes and avoid losses faster.

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