What is User & Entities Behavior Analytics (UEBA)?

User & Entities Behavior Analytics (UEBA) uses Deep Learning to understand how your users and machines behaves, detecting anomalous and malicious activity inside your perimeter, without the need of attack signatures. With the Zerum UEBA algorithm you have 24/7, non-intrusive vigilance over your entire operation.

High-accuracy detection

Increase your security awareness detecting malicious behavior with highly accurate models. Smart alarm features enrich detections to further reduce errors and alarm fatigue.

Ready for action

Optimized, fast-learning models help you skip integration complexity, while seamless integration with Security Analytics tools reduce the investigation effort.

Ever-evolving & Customizable

Zerum specialized Data Science & AI services customize algorithms to your specific use cases. From industrial networks to fraud detection, our team is ready to help you.

Streaming detection

The Zerum UEBA algorithm learns about user & entities behavior based on several network traffic metadata, extracted and correlated in real-time, enabling continuous learning and swift Insider Threat detection.

Looking to protect your company against advanced cyberthreats and malicious insiders?

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