Zerum Lynx

Beyond Seeing

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) & IA

Zerum Lynx™ combines wire data, advanced machine learning and threat intelligence to give you an in-depth, real-time threat analysis of your digital environment—from endpoint to data center.

Leverage the powerful capabilities of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and User & Entities Behavior Analytics (UEBA) to proactively detect and neutralize the most sophisticated cyberattacks before they threaten your business.

Zerum Lynx™ Features

Cybersecurity Analytics

Thoroughly investigate all your network traffic from users to machines, decoded in real time. Navigate billions of daily events quickly and intuitively, as never before.

Embedded Detection Intelligence with ZML

Detect various attacks automatically with specially developed AI algorithms to identify suspicious behavior without relying on attack signatures.

Behavior learning

Let Lynx™ Deep Learning algorithms continuously learn the behavior of all your users and endpoints (including IOT) to identify Zero-day attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats, and Insider Threats.

Exclusive Database Behavior Analytics

Identify threats to your databases before information is breached with Database Behavior Analytics, an unique Zerum Lynx’s algorithm.

Native Threat Intelligence integration

Identify connections to malicious servers and sites, malware traffic, and more in real-time using the most trusted Threat Intelligence source on the market.

Fast and uncomplicated

Plug & play installation, non-intrusive operation and immediate results. You’ve never seen a security tool so powerful and so simple to deploy and use.

More benefits

Streaming insights

With a live Threat Intelligence feed, Zerum Lynx™ ensures that the most recently discovered threats are detected, while AI features provide self-learning capabilities to detect and neutralize even previously unknown threats in real-time.

Embedded intelligence

Tailored to meet your specific needs and maintain the integrity of your organization, embedded ZML – Zerum Machine Learning® algorithms proactively identify suspicious behavior across your environment, detecting anomalies like beaconing, domain generation algorithms (DGA), command and file injections and zero-day.

Accelerated Time-To-Value

Plug & Play installation and automatic discovery ensure swift, accurate event correlation, alerting, and response. Customized services, training, and support help further accelerate threat detection and assertive decision making.

Protect your company with AI-Powered Network Traffic Analysis.

Detect advanced cyber threats in real-time