What is Wire Data?

Wire Data is all the information that travels through the network between systems, devices and users. In a connected world, that means everything. With Zerum’s real-time analytics engine & embedded ZML – Zerum Machine Learning® algorithms, it becomes the most efficient and cost-effective way to keep track of your entire infrastructure.

Streaming insights

For Network and Application teams

Monitor and analyze the performance of your network, applications, databases and all other endpoints in real-time to accelerate problem-solving.

For Cybersecurity teams

Watch the entire infrastructure to detect and stop attackers dead in their tracks as they try to move through critical systems.

For Business teams

Ensure a flawless digital experience and explore straegic business metrics directly from the network traffic to feed innovation projects.

Massive scale and speed, unprecedented detail

Network traffic carries rich information that goes way beyond IP and port addresses. Wire Data reveal metadata and payloads from every communication protocol, even IOT, that you can explore for unprecedented visibility. All you need is the right tech, and we have it.

Looking to turn your network traffic into real-time intelligence?

We’re here to help you.