Zerum Controller

Machine-scale fraud detection

Fraud detection & analytics

Rapidly analyze vast amounts of digital documents to detect and combat fraud and tax evasion, increasing visibility while reducing costs.

Developed specifically to streamline financial audits and accelerate fraud analysis, Zerum Controller applies the power of advanced machine learning models, natural language processing, and dynamic baselining to systematically evaluate, categorize, and analyze millions of digital records in real-time to identify irregularities and detect fraud.

Zerum Controller™ Features

Fraud detection on unstructured data

Find hidden fraud attempts inside texts of any size, in any amount, in a quick and intuitive way. With specialized algorithms, we employ NLP and NLC techniques to read document texts and detect fraud in the most diverse situations.

Anomaly Detection

Easily create alarms that warn you about anomalies on specific events using dynamic baselining. The feature is easy to use and doesn’t require prior programming knowledge.

Real-time Analytics

Provide your fraud analysts and auditors with a tool that simplifies and accelerate access and exploration of large datasets. Zerum Controller is able to perform searches in billions of documents instantly.

Adaptable to different use cases

Who uses Zerum is never alone! Rely on our professional services to create new algorithms and functionalities specially designed for your use cases.

Easy integration with your systems

Count on Zerum to import data and integrate the solution to your systems. The process is simple and straightforward. Our experts are always ready for the most diverse challenges.

More benefits

Insights em tempo real

Zerum Controller™ leverages the capabilities of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Classification (NLC) to automate the analysis of over 10,000 digital records per second, rapidly identifying irregularities and detecting fraud.

Embedded intelligence

With robust, highly accurate embedded ZML – Zerum Machine Learning® models tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, Controller correlates and evaluates thousands of digital records in real-time to create dynamic baselines, enhance data consistency, detect anomalies, and reduce false positives.

Accelerated Time-To-Value

With plug & play installation, seamless integration with existing data sources and zero overhead operation, Zerum Controller™ offers intuitive tools ensuring optimal fraud management and recovery. Our customized services, training and support further accelerate time to insights and actions.

Analyze millions of digital records automatically.

Get accurate, real-time fraud detection.