Zerum Sentinel

A new weapon in the fight against crime

Artificial Intelligence
for Public Safety

As a high-performance plug & play appliance, Zerum Sentinel equips law enforcement agencies with intelligent insights for optimized patrolling and proactive response, averting incidents before they affect citizens and property.

Deep learning models link insights to create dynamic baselines for identifying anomalies, while smart alarms and real-time heat maps provide the tools needed to analyze crime data, monitor occurrences based on exceptions, and predict times and locations of potential risks to public safety.

Zerum Public Safety™ Features

Incident location prediction

Visualize intelligent and intuitive heat maps, with prediction of locations where crime is most likely to occur. Put the power to Artificial Intelligence to work in your favor.

Automatic crime classification

Provide reliable criminal statistics without the need of human effort on Police Report reviewing. Zerum Sentinel’s algorithms ready and categorize reports automatically.

Correlation between crimes

Quickly and easily identify which factors are related to various crimes throughout your state or region and date. Plan public safety actions based entirely on data- driven intelligence.

Analytics interface for police officers

Enable field police forces to have quick and easy access to crime data, increasing investigative power and enabling more accurate and effective action.

Proactivity with alarms

Be alerted about Public Safety anomalies quickly and accurately using Artificial Intelligence-based alarms. Customized to public security needs, Zerum Sentinel algorithms work in real-time with Police Report data.

More benefits

Streaming insights

Zerum Public Safety™ combines law enforcement data with advanced machine learning to give you an in-depth, predictive view of threats to public safety, empowering agents with real-time insights for fast, safe, and assertive decision-making.

Embedded intelligence

Tailored to meet the specific needs of your agency, embedded ZML – Zerum Machine Learning models analyze law enforcement records in real-time, create dynamic baselines, and identify and map potential threats based on location and time, helping authorities to reduce risk to lives and property with preemptive intelligence.

Accelerated Time-To-Value

Simple to deploy, easy to configure, easy to use, Zerum Sentinel™ allows you to be up and running in hours rather than days, while zero overhead technologies ensure there is no impact on existing systems. Zerum also offers customized services, training, and support to accelerate time to insights and actions.

Equipe law enforcement agents with the power of AI.

Optimize Public Safety actions with data-driven tools.