How can Artificial Intelligence help to protect your business from fraud?

Artificial Intelligence can analyze millions of digital documents and transactions – from electronic invoices to online shopping – and automatically identify irregularities.

Zerum combines this potential with advanced Big Data and Real-Time Analytics technologies, helping your company fight fraud and manage risk with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Detect fraud on any kind of data

Store, process and analyze huge amounts of digital documents and transactions in any format, whether structured or unstructured, in real time.

Protect your revenue with AI algorithms

Be alerted about fraud attemptsand prevent damage from them with the help of advanced AI tools based on the exclusive ZML – Zerum Machine Learning®.

Accelerate search with real-time analytics

Investigate irregularities quickly with advanced data search, analysis and visualization tools. Uncomplicate analysts work with intuitive interfaces that dont require programming experience.

Learn more about Zerum Controller, our dedicated fraud detectionand revenue generation solution.

Fraud detection at machine scale and speed

Our Deep Learning algorithms read and categorize millions of documents and transactions, analyzing structured or unstructured data – such as product description texts – in real time and without human intervention, identifying evidence of fraud and other irregularities.

Use cases

Our fraud detection solutions can be quickly customized to meet your business challenges, no matter what industry you are in. Here are some examples of use cases where we apply our technologies:

For tax auditing agencies

Every year, countries lose billions due to tax evasion. AI streamlines the work of tax auditors, increases the detection rate of electronic invoice irregularities, helping you change this picture.

For financial services providers

A credit card company avoided losses worth US$ 25 billion using AI tools. You can also accelerate review queues, automatically detect and prevent fraud attempts, and manage risk with the helpof the technology.

For auditing and compliance companies

Ensure legal and regulatory protection for your clients. Count on specialized tools and services that help you analyse large datasets, identify anomalies, investigate corporate fraud and gather evidence with maximum efficiency.

For e-commerce companies

E-commerce companies face hundreds to thousands of fraud attempts per hour. More than ever, AI help is critical in detecting transaction anomalies and preventing fraud from undermining the security of your business.

Looking for customized Fraud Detection Solutions?

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